World Gathering Appreciation: Looking toward 2018

Photo by Terry Kyser. AVPUSA

In November 2017 the Alternatives to Violence Project International (AVPI) World Gathering took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. We celebrated:

  • The metaphor of a windmill harnessing the energy of an invisible wind of Transforming Power; each sail adding to the power of the whole,
  • Individuals learning to access electronic resources through the AVPI website,
  • Light & Livelies shared in a circle of 100,
  • The creation of regional networks, and the emergence of a new generation of leaders,
  • The donations which allowed AVPers from 40 countries to gather and work together, including a $2 contribution from a local volunteer (two hours of their pay as a semi-professional).

AVPers are generous in giving their time, wisdom, financial and in-kind donations. AVPI can speak with pride about the 50% increase in the number of individual donors between 2016 and 2017, or we can speak with concern that we do not yet have funding for much of the work planned for 2018:

photo by Mark Thomas AVPUSA
  • Translation of  the Youth Manual into Georgian, Basic into Kinyarwanda and Advanced into Portuguese,
  • Website development for AVPI member countries,
  • Provision of an integrated communications platform for AVPI committees and leaders,
  • Support of new program development through facilitator visitation,
  • Fostering dialogue to identify and ensure best practices in our workshops and governance,
  • Distribution of print and electronic manuals at the 2018 Africa Regional Gathering.

Can you match our gathering volunteer with a donation of two hours wages? Please give to AVP International as generously as you can at: or by mail to AVP International/ PO Box 164/ Purchase, NY 10577/ USA. Thank you for also supporting your local AVP group.

Expecting the Best for 2018,

on behalf of the Fundraising Committee and the AVPI family