Supporting AVP International

Alternatives to Violence Project International (AVPI) Connects the World!

One year ago, AVP facilitators from 39 countries participated in the World Gathering. Of the 147 participants, 62 were funded with generous support from donors. The impact of this amazing event continues to spread, connect and grow AVP programs as learning is shared and connections lead to deepening and expanding our work. New programs are developing in Jordan, Mozambique and Peru bringing our involved countries to over 50.

❖ Rich Romano from Kenya and Talented Tali from the USA worked with Active Abaker and the team in Sudan on workshops to deepen understanding of trauma as a consequence of violence and conflicts.
❖ Bright Bangi from Uganda met colleagues who formed the network which organized the 2018 African Regional Gathering.

❖ Magaly Magnifica from Bolivia, met an Australian facilitator to organize a full cycle of workshops in Yanamayo Prison in Peru resulting in 18 apprentice inside facilitators.


❖ Jazzy John organized a fundraising concert to support translation of the Basic Manual into Georgian.


Beyond the specific connections and work coming from the Gathering, AVPI’s technology infrastructure enables us to share wisdom (e.g. Transforming Power Session at the 2017 World Gathering) and provides a platform for facilitators from all over the world to work together on research and education projects (see the list on page 2).

Thank you for making this happen!

We need your financial support to maintain our technology infrastructure and to implement projects in the coming year:
❖ Committee support and help desk,
❖ Translations into Georgian, Kinyarwanda and French, among others, for in-country use and with refugee communities around the world,
❖ Website maintenance and building websites for new member countries.

To fund these activities, our goal for year-end giving is $5000 USD. General donations give the most flexibility for project development. Please donate as generously as you can and share this request widely.
❖ Online donations at or send by mail to: Treasurer AVP International, PO Box 164, Purchase, NY 10577 USA.
❖ To become a sustaining member with a monthly donation contact
❖ Remember to also fund the work of local groups. The AVPI website includes country contacts or inquire at

Let’s grow the work of AVPI together.

Bronwen Brillante Hillman, President
Alternatives to Violence Project International

More about AVP International work in 2018

We are able to do amazing things with the structure we have developed. With our internet and technology infrastructure, committees of facilitators from all over the world are able to work together at little or no cost on important projects such as:

❖ E-Gathering to bring together our wide spread family once a year.
❖ The Research Team has gathered research and articles on AVP all over the world which are posted on the AVPI site: Literature
❖ Research is developing a standard evaluation form to be used internationally in order to show our impact across cultures.
❖ The Best Practices/Core Values approved at the World Gathering are being used widely for discussion and deepening of many local programs: AVP Core Values
❖ Education committee has a new website full of information: AVP Education Network

❖ Country membership in AVPI has grown. Most recently we have welcomed Romania, the Kenya Trust and Bolivia, and expect Germany, Ukraine and South Africa to join soon.
❖ Our information email has handled inquiries from Pakistan, DR Congo, Solomon Islands, Djibouti, Britain, USA and Algeria.
❖ The AVPI Travel fund supported the development of programs in Peru and Zimbabwe.
❖ Our web developer has been able to support 10 websites, 9 committees and their activities.
❖ Education Translation Team has commissioned local groups to translate one or more manuals into Kiswahili, Hebrew and Arabic. To see available translations, register as a facilitator Here.
Then sign in to find the manuals and many other materials on the Resources page.