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Coordinating Committee is the governing body or board of trustees of AVP International.
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Education Committee is responsible for developing, gathering, and sharing AVP manuals and other instructional materials. It also develops best practice guidelines for the AVP International community.
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Education Multimedia
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Facilitator Travel Fund
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Finance Committee is responsible for AVP International’s financial affairs.
The AVPI Facilitator Travel Fund Sub-Committee helps AVP to grow by helping cover the travel costs of experienced AVP facilitators to visit other countries in their own region. Please see the Application for the fund under the "For Facilitators" tab.
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Fundraising Committee raises funds for AVP International projects and is a resource for local AVP groups to assist in local fundraising efforts.
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Gatherings Committee works with host AVP groups to plan and carry out regional and world AVP gatherings.
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Keeping Facilitators Involved
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Manual Editors
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Manual Translations
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Membership Subcommittee is responsible for building the membership of national (and in some cases subnational) AVP groups in AVP International use the form on the right.
Nominations Committee prepares recommendations for open positions within AVP International.
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Organising Guide
Organising Guide Subcommittee gathers and prepares materials and suggestions to help AVP groups get started and become sustainable. These resources include guidance for AVP work in the community, prisons, and schools, among other settings, and also examples of legal structures, along with other practical materials. The subcommittee is available to the AVP community to help answer questions related to administrative or organisational issues.
Public Relations
Public Relations Committee is responsible for the text and content that appears on the AVP International website and will soon be producing quarterly newsletters for the general public and for AVP facilitators.
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Schools and Higher Education
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Technology Committee supports the AVP International organisation and global community on technical issues.
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Workshop Best Practices
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