My reflection on Transforming Power


It was Day Two of a Basic Workshop that I recently co-facilitated. We had an open and fun-loving group of about sixteen people. It was my turn to refer to where we were on the map with respect to our Building Blocks and the ground that we’d covered to get here. A more quiet member of the group asked:

What is Transforming Power?

My response then was to refer to the mandala and say that TP is at the heart of our practice and that it is activated when the other parts of the mandala are practiced. In other words, I said, when we practice ‘Respect for Self’ for example, or ‘Think before Reacting’, we awaken or activate the power of transforming a situation and indeed ourselves.

Later on, well after the workshop, I reflected on my response and indeed my understanding of TP.

As I often share in my Meditation Circles and classes and the Meditation – based workshops that I run, Awareness or Presence is itself transformational. In a moment of Awareness/Presence, we by-pass the discursive mind and its judgmental and reactive habits.

The state of non-judgment is the state of Love/Awareness/Truth. And so, the momentary suspension of our tendency to judge/react returns us to our natural state of Love and the response thereof is a loving, non-violent response.

So, it occurred to me that ‘Be Present/Presence’ or ‘Be Aware/Awareness’ could be one of the petals of the mandala. Certainly for me, this is by far the most powerful doorway to TP.

On the other hand, TP may be AVP's term for Presence/Awareness!

I wonder what thoughts you have on this?

Peace is All, Lucy