Help Support AVP in California

Dear AVP-International Community,

In April of 2018, AVP-California held our first-ever large-scale public fundraiser: A Hero’s Journey 5K Run/Walk (HJR). Hosting an event of this scale required a lot more preparation and promotion than the small workshops so many of us are familiar with planning, and there were many ups and downs along the way. We worried about sponsors, sign-ups, permits, and a million other small details. When race day came, however, our fears were laid to rest: 300 runners showed up, and we raised enough money to cover our costs and then some.

Due to the success of the first HJR, we’ve decided to bring our fundraiser back for another year, in what will hopefully become a yearly tradition. On April 20th, 2019, AVP-California will be hosting our 2nd Hero’s Journey Run, now with a slight tweak on the theme: this year, we’ll be focusing on peace heroes. In support of AVP’s mission to build more peaceful communities, we are asking our runners to show up channeling those heroes that historically have fought for peace worldwide.

We’re inviting the global AVP community to participate in our event. Don’t live in California? No problem! You can support our work online by becoming a virtual runner here:

You can check out our website for the event here at:
You can also find us on instagram at:

Please share our information with your friends and family in California, or consider joining us virtually if in person is too far away.

Hope to see you there,