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Picture credit to: Rob Farimichael

Gratitude. That is the word that we keep coming back to as we reflect on our connections with the AVP International community. Gratitude for the wisdom, insight and hours of volunteer labor shared by our AVP colleagues. Gratitude for the over $19,000 donated by facilitators and their friends in the past year, which continues to support AVP International’s many projects and activities.

In November AVP’ers will come together in Nepal for our tri-annual gathering to review our work since 2014 and set priorities for the coming years. The connections made at the World Gathering enable us to carry on the business of AVP International across geographical distance and through the years. Scholarships are essential to bring representatives from many of the 50 countries where AVP is active. The 2016 grant of $5,000 to match scholarship donations has just received an additional pledge of $2,000. NEW donors to the World Gathering Scholarship Fund will have their donation matched dollar-for-dollar through early-bird registration (March 31). All donations are appreciated: $25, $50, or $100 will help us reach our goal.

​Communication is the core of AVP workshops, and is also a key element of the work of AVP International. One member of the leadership team tells us, “Having the home internet connection provided by AVP International allows me to participate in Coordinating Committee and Regional Committee [at hours when internet cafes are closed], in addition to being in touch with facilitators throughout the Latin American Region.” Our website, www.avp.international is another form of communication - both as the outward face of AVP International to the rest of the world and as a platform for sharing information and resources among facilitators. Your unrestricted donation to the General Fund will help fund the stipend of our webmaster and make it possible for AVPers from around the globe to collaborate in developing the next generation of AVP.

Picture credit to: Rob Farimichael

The Education Committee has been working with AVPers in Sudan to translate the Basic manual into Arabic. This translation is eagerly awaited by newly trained facilitators in Sudan, other Arabic speaking countries, and also by facilitators in Europe working to empower recent immigrants. The Education Committee has received requests for translations into Hebrew, Swahili, Portuguese, Kinyarwanda and Georgian. Your donation to the Education Materials Fund will enrich AVP in many corners of the globe through the translation and distribution of manuals.

Donate online at https://avp.international/donations/


send a check in US dollars to:
AVP International
PO Box 164
Purchase, NY 10577 USA

  • Scholarship Fund: bringing AVPers together at the world gathering
  • General Fund: communication within AVP-I and our public presence
  • Educational Materials: translation and distribution of manuals

Thank you for the many generous ways in which you support AVP.
From the Fundraising Team, on behalf of AVPers world-wide