AVP Latin America – The Caravan has started!

Members of AVP/PAV within the Latin American region have united, with the support of volunteers from other parts of the world, in an effort to bring to reality the first ever CARAVANA of Alternatives to Violence Project facilitators in South America (and in fact, in the world as a whole!)

AVP-Workshop-15C26-3One AVP facilitator from each of the four host countries (Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia) — along with volunteer Iris Hoffman from the United States — will travel together through cities in the host countries. In at least three locations in each country, they will organize and carry out AVP workshops or trainings, drawing on processes and strengths specific to the host society.

The larger vision behind the AVP/PAV Caravan is to begin to organize national AVP facilitator gatherings in each country, to better support and strengthen a set of national facilitator networks.

A videographer will capture footage and photos, documenting the Caravan, in order to create together a solid presentation which shares our work and carries this movement for peace forward.

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Video Script

"We are coming out of the general direction of the prison system, we just had an interview with the CEO and director of social rehabilitation. They are supporting us to do a press conference to launch the caravan activities and workshops. The signing of cooperation agreement between AVP Bolivia and the prison system took shape . We continue to move ahead!"


Director of social strengthening. (short) "I think avp is a fundamental alternative to generate greater coexistence"


Video Script

"Hello. I cant speak Portuguese, I'm very happy that the caravan will be very soon in Brazil. We are anxious to be there, please wait for us to share many experiences with you all."
"Eager to come, to team up and grow more in the caravan, we hope you can wait for us with food and hugs"
"We are at the end of the caravan in Bolivia and has been a major challenge . It leaves lessons learned for us to move ahead in the caravan. We wish them well."


Video Script

"Hi, I'm Magaly uispe, AVP facilitator in Bolivia, I am pleased to send greetings to Ecuador PAV facilitators. Wishing success and many blessings, starlets and may the transforming power accompany them. I hope to meet you soon, thanks for sharing Zaida to strengthen the team."

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Video Script

"We are about to sign the agreement for institutional cooperation between AVP Bolivia and the General direction of the prison system."



Video Script

"Hi I'm Wilfredo Benites AVP Facilitator. We are pleased to send a big hug to Ecuador AVP facilitators. We are working for this caravan. An initiative that we hope everyone can join us and keep working to consolidate this AVP Latin American movement. Se are sure that will help transform many lives. Thank you very much, a hug, a friend in Colombia."


Magaly Facilitating an exercise

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Video Script

"We are outside the Vice presidency of Bolivia."; "We just had a talk with Juan Carlos Pinto who knew AVP 14 years ago. Together we agreed to have an introductory workshop for tomorrow."


Video Script

"Latin American brothers, we send you greetings from boliva, thanks for all the work you do." "Welcome future AVPers." "Brother and sister AVPers, keep the strengh up, this is a very good initiative and will continue." "Brothers and friends around the world, we send them a big hug from Bolivia and God bless you " "Greetings, effort and perseverance "


Video Script

""Hi I'm Iris Hoffman from the United States but facilitator in AVP Bolivia . I am sending greetings and wish the transforming power accompany them in their meeting in Ecuador. You have a new friend in the United States . " "I am Ivan, one of the facilitators sending greetings to Ecuador, Colombia and the countries of the caravan. Let's unite more with the transforming power Latinoamerica"

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