AVP Latin America – The Caravan arrives in Brasil

The AVP Latin America Caravan continues its course, now in Brasil. Coming from Bolivia the facilitators were welcome by the local facilitators of Porto Alegre. Silvio Antonio Bedin from the Youth Observatory of the University of Paso Fundo; talked to them:

1"Good morning friends, I hope you are all well in this freezing winter morning. Friends Wilfredo, Magaly and Ivan, who were honoring with their presence in the wonderful meetings we had in those days, are already returning to Porto Alegre. I want to thank them for sharing their experiences, which strengthen and inspire us. Their presence open up prospects of integration and coordination that we need to embrace and match. I also thank all that mobilized to be participating in the gathering and / or who are anxious to welcome and guide them. In a very special way, I want to thank Patricia for her generous welcome in her home. Thank you very much! We will continue to move ahead together. Hugs"

They also participated in a discussion about human rights education.
After that they went to Ibiraiaras for a mini-workshop to present AVP Bolivia to the school teachers guided by Helena from UPF Paso Fundo