About Us

What We Do

Transforming conflict, transforming lives, together.

To grow the AVP program by nurturing a worldwide community of practice, supporting AVP organisations, facilitators and workshops, and developing shared standards and resources.

Values Statements
We are guided by our active commitment to personal transformation and nonviolence, believing:

  • Everyone is entitled to dignity, respect, opportunity and wholeness.
  • Personal empowerment leads to better decision making, exchange of ideas and an inclusive organisation.
  • Healthy communities embrace acceptance, resiliency, healing and wholeness.
  • AVP fosters healing and enables people to communicate constructively and address conflict in a creative manner.
  • There can be a world in which conflicts are transformed without violence.
About AVP International
Created in 2008, AVP International is an umbrella organisation that exists to support facilitators and AVP programs to hold AVP workshops.
Our organisation does not discriminate in any of our policies, appointments or other activities on account of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religious conviction or criminal history.
AVP International does not engage in political action or lobbying, or support any political position.
Read the AVP International Bylaws HERE

Although AVP groups and programs operate autonomously, formally recognised member groups receive additional supports from AVP International.

AVP International offers facilitators and local AVP groups services and resources that include:

  • Collections of materials for AVP workshops, such as manuals and best practice guidelines.
  • A Facilitator Travel Fund, which awards grants to facilitators travelling to exchange ideas and support program development.
  • An Organising Guide that offers guidance on starting, building and maintaining a strong, sustainable AVP program.
  • Networks to connect AVP facilitators around the world.

World Gatherings
AVP International brings the AVP community together to share and learn from each other at in-person world gatherings.

1990 New York, USA
Sixty-three AVP facilitators from 11 US states, Canada and Costa Rica gathered in Ossining, New York to hold the first international AVP conference. The group considered the benefits of an international organisational structure and discussed ways AVP groups can work together, support each other and learn from each other’s experience.
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1992 Maryland, USA
A hundred AVP facilitators from 21 US states, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand attended the second international AVP conference. Decision was made to establish an AVP USA organisation that would include an International Committee to support facilitators travelling overseas. AVP groups outside the USA operate as independents within an AVP network.
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1994 Philadelphia, USA
More than seventy AVP facilitators from 15 US states, Canada, Colombia, Hungary and New Zealand participated in the third international AVP conference.
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1996 Ontario, Canada
More than ninety AVP facilitators from Britain, Canada, Costa Rica, Hungary, Ireland, New Zealand, Nicaragua and USA gathered in Hamilton, Ontario for the fourth international AVP conference.
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1998 Texas, USA
Fifty AVP facilitators from 15 US states, Britain, Canada, Cuba, Haiti, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Russia and South Africa participated in the fifth international AVP conference, held in Houston, Texas. Decision was made to create an international support committee to help new groups get started and support people taking AVP to new countries.
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2000 Oxford, England
More than 130 AVP facilitators from 22 countries participated in the sixth international AVP conference.
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2002 Nigeria
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2004 New Zealand
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2006 Hartbeespoort Dam, South Africa
AVP facilitators from Angola, Australia, Burundi, Ecuador, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine and USA participated in the 2006 international gathering. Discussions led to the creation of an “AVP International Development and Resource Committee” with a coordinated committee structure.
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2008 Kakamega, Kenya
120 AVP facilitators from 23 countries participated in the 2008 international gathering in Kenya. Recognising that AVP needs structures working on shared issues, decision was made to establish the organisation AVP International, building on the work and lessons learned from earlier gatherings. The organisation was built on a committee structure with the purpose to:
- Develop the initial vision and mission of the AVP International organisation
- Coordinate and share information
- Support new AVP initiatives
- Present a strong professional public face for AVP
- Enable communications within the network
- Provide education and resources for AVP training worldwide
- Assist regions and local groups to become financially stable and independent
- Raise funds to support the activities of the international AVP structure
- Promote cross-fertilisation within regions
- Provide support for AVP in new countries
- Work with host countries to plan and carry out gatherings
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2011 Antigua, Guatemala
Nearly 100 participants from 22 countries gathered in mutual endeavor, support, exploration and calling for 6 productive days. Our sisters and brothers come from Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Ireland, Kenya, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Rwanda, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States (and Virgin Islands).

The International Gathering planning group had selected Central America as the venue with the hope and intention of facilitating an introduction, coalescing, and collaboration of Latin American PAV facilitators and programs. This intention was fulfilled and surpassed, as our Central and Southern American sisters and brothers joined to define their needs and dreams and plans for the future of their regions.
Read the full report HERE
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2014 Dublin, Ireland
The AVP International Gathering held in Ireland from 13the to 19th July 2014, brought us together to share, learn and celebrate.

Theme: Diversity and Inclusion

154 AVPers from 45 countries met in the beautiful and historic surroundings of the Maynooth campus, Ireland. Under the guiding lights of Diversity and Inclusion we searched in our different and similar ways for peaceful pathways into the future. The gathering was preceded by AVP Advanced workshops held in the Rathmines which were well led and attended by experienced AVP Facilitators.
See full report HERE

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2017 Kathmandu, Nepal
The AVP World Gathering took place in Kathmandu, Nepal, from 5th – 10th November 2017. It was based in the luxurious Park Village Hotel. The entire seamless experience was a testament to the extraordinary professional approach and tireless teamwork on the part of the organisers, plus all the seen and unseen supports, including the hotel management and staff. Ireland was represented by three delegates, John (Mulligan), James (Bowes) and Chris (Jackson).

All the delicious meals were served hot (mostly Nepalese-style cuisine) and were presented buffet style, which meant everyone served themselves. The food was eaten in the expansive ‘al fresco’ dining area, which usually meant that people found someone new to sit with – a clever strategic move! It was at meal times that much of the business was done – pretty much like the pubs in Ireland!
See full report HERE

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The AVP International Organisation

Board of Trustees


Bronwen Hillman

“My experience with AVP has been and continues to be one of personal growth in my interactions with others. AVP has shown me that more often than not, I do not have the answers for anyone else and that listening deeply with another person or group is a gift I can give freely.”

Nancy Vimla

“Numinous Nancy has been facilitating in prisons and community workshops since 2008. She was Prsion Coordinator for 2 prisons in Chino, California. She is now also a working member of AVP/ San Luis Obispo Council, a working member of the AVP California Steering Committee, and the AVP Education Best Practice Team.”

Christopher Campbell

“I began AVP when I was planning corporate retreats and my colleague said he did things in a prison that were a lot like what we were doing in a board room. I bit. Now, I chair AVP Massachusetts. I have facilitated in various prisons here as well as in a couple of communities outside the U.S. AVP informs me daily, helping me to see that many conflicts I face are rooted in concerns that have little to do with the actual conflict at hand. AVP also shows me that I always have agency in a conflict.”

Odette Ntambara

“As a Quaker I believe in the whole of life to be a testimony as such my introduction to AVP was based upon my own personal journey of healing and prosperity and the understanding that we can be led by good in all we do. My experience with AVP has been that of sharing and learning as I grow inwardly and outwardly to the world. AVP has taught me that it’s in pressure situations I see the things that I otherwise would not have seen and it’s in my response to such situations that defines my outcome. AVP takes me on a journey of having discipline of the mind and allowing trust, love and empathy guide my path.”

Romano Iluku

“I started facilitating AVP workshops in 2008 and still doing to date. I have worked with various groups on this including youth and women groups, religious leaders, internally displaced persons, refugees and inmates in maximum security prisons. I also engage in training students in high schools in a program called Help Increase Peace Program (HIPP) since 2015 as well as the trauma healing program called Healing and Rebuilding Our Communities (HROC) a program I got involved in 2010.”

Committee Clerks

Dawn E. Addy
Education Committee, Co-Clerk

"I have been involved in AVP for well over 20 years: currently Co-Chair for the AVP International Education Committee; AVP facilitator since 1997; Transformer Editor in chief for AVP USA; AVP Miami Prison Program Coordinator (2000-2016); AVP USA President (2014-2017); AVP USA Vice-President 2013; AVP USA Education Committee Co-Chair 2013. I am also co-author and editor of the AVP I Education Bulletin."

Katherine Smith
Education Committee, Co-Clerk

"I was first drawn to an AVP workshop 25 years ago to learn to teach conflict resolution skills. I soon became aware that AVP provided me with a safe learning environment to develop my own awareness of the impact I have on others and the impact that others have on me. I continue with my AVP journey to further develop my awareness, my skills and to be part of facilitating the learning journey of others. I joined the Education Committee to collect and share the wisdom and experience of AVP facilitators worldwide."

John Michaelis
Finance Committee, Co-Clerk

"It was in year 2000 that I first learned of and experienced AVP. My continuing AVP journey, is a major source of challenge and personal growth in my life. It has also proven to be a supportive and loving community. Seeing the effectiveness of AVP in prisons, communities schools and Universities as well as in war torn countries and cultures, has convinced me that the AVP experiential learning is a powerful way to bring peace to our world".

Mary Denise Walton
Finance Committee, Co-Clerk

"My AVP experience started in 2007 when I went to hear two gentlemen from Rwanda talk about how AVP helped heal their communities and country. When I trained to become a facilitator in the California prison system and in the community I was awed by its transformational impact. Then, I got to go to an International Gathering and discovered a United Nations of dedicated people creating positive change all over the world. It does not get more richly rewarding than that. I am humbled in being able to help out where I can. learning and growing with AVP is the best!"

Marie Odendaal
Nominations Committee, Co-Clerk
South Africa

“I introduced AVP in my local university in 1999, and was a co-founder of the AVP-KZN facilitator network. In South Africa I’ve facilitated many workshops – for students, youth, teachers, NGOs, community groups and in prison. I’ve mentored AVP teams and facilitated in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Rwanda. AVP has enriched my life and expanded my world immensely. It has grown my humanity and developed my capacity to connect with and respect others at a deeper level.”

Fundraising Committee, Clerk

“My experience with AVP has been one of growing importance to me for over 20 years. I was committed from my first workshop and I have been able to dedicate more and more time to AVP as my family and work responsibilities have diminished. I am dedicated to AVP locally, nationally and internationally. I feel privileged to do what I can to support this program which has meant so much to me personally and as I see it in the lives of workshop participants.”

Missing: Nominations Committee, Co-Clerk; Public Relations Committee, Clerk

Missing: Member-Africa; Member North America

Positions currently not filled: Vice-President, General Member, Member - Asia-West Pacific, Member - Europe, Member - Latin America, Gatherings Committee Clerk, Organisational Affairs Committee Clerk, Technology Committee Clerk

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