Nurturing Local Community – Building Global Community

Nurturing local community: How do we care for our own AVP groups? How do our AVP tools help us to resolve difficulties arising in our local AVP groups? What role does each facilitator play in helping to make their AVP group sustainable?

Building global community: How does our AVP community communicate across countries, regions and the world? What kinds of resources can we share with each other? What differences do we overcome to come together as a single community?

Goals of the 2017 AVP World Gathering:

  • explore the theme of the gathering and how these topics relate to us as individuals, our AVP groups and our worldwide AVP community
  • learn about successful programs AVP prograns around the world
  • learn and practice new Workshop Exercises and Light & Livelies
  • discuss the philosophy and principles of the AVP model
  • share ongoing and completed research on AVP and research techniques
  • build understanding of Best Practices and Core Values in AVP
  • exchange views and experiences of hosting and being guest facilitators
  • appoint officers and regional representatives and build committee membership to continue the work of the AVP International organisation
  • AVP groups from 50 countries sharing ideas and activities
  • …and much more

Preliminary explanatory notes:
More details and agenda outlines will be provided as these become available

Plenary – All participants gather together in the same room. These activities will include different kinds of presentations, discussions and large group activities.

Let’s get to know each other – We’ll spend the evening meeting each other and relaxing in a social atmosphere.

Topic Sessions – 90 minute sessions on specific topics related to AVP workshops, facilitating, AVP organisations, different areas of AVP work, etc. There will probably be 4-5 options per time slot.

Regional – AVP International currently divides the world into 5 regions (Africa, Asia-West Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America). During the three regional meetings scheduled, each region will gather primarily to build community and share within that group and to discuss strategic planning

Film Night – in development

Light & Livelies from around the world – As the name of this activity would suggest, we’ll spend the evening sharing Light & Livelies.

Exploring Kathmandu
– in development

Multi-regional / Multi-cultural festival
– Celebrating cultures from around the world through music, song and dance.

Topics arising – Space is left open on the agenda to address questions, concerns, issues that come up during the gathering.

Party – A celebration of our week together, in a social setting.

To submit a proposal for a topic session or mini-workshop (90 minutes), click here

If you are planning to attend the gathering and would like to co-facilitate any activity, click here and mark that your message is about: Program