Buddies at the World Gathering

Everyone attending the 2017 AVP World Gathering is encouraged to participate in a Buddy group to help us all get to know other people and build our gathering community.

What is a Buddy group?
A “Buddy” is a friend, or in this case 2 friends. Attending the world gathering can be difficult or intimidating, particularly when you don’t know anyone else or you don’t speak the language that everyone else is speaking.
A “Buddy” is a friendly face, someone you share common ground with, someone to share a meal with, someone to check in with during the gathering.

How will we address the differences in language?
We will do our best to ensure there is a common language between the three people in each group. When this is not possible, at least one person will speak the languages of the others.
We recommend downloading a translation app onto your mobile device or bringing a pocket dictionary from your language to English.

How will the Buddy groups be formed?
Each “Buddy” group will have a mix of:
people who have attended world gatherings before and people who are attending for the first time
countries or regions
gender (if you are uncomfortable being in a group with mixed genders, please note this on the sign-up form)

How do I sign up to be in a Buddy group?
This is an ‘opt-in’ activity. Volunteer yourself! Sign up before October 12 by completing the short form here

Do I have to participate in a Buddy group if I don’t want to?
No, however we encourage everyone to participate in this activity as a way to get to know people and to find things out together. If you do not wish to participate, please let us know before October 12 by completing the short form here

What if I don’t feel a connection with my Buddy group?
This will happen. Let us know if things aren’t working out and we’ll try to change some people around.

What happens after I sign up to be in a Buddy group?
About two weeks before the gathering, an email will be sent to the three people in each Buddy group to start the conversation.

What if I have questions about the Buddy activity?
We’re happy to answer any questions you might have. Write to Bronwen at president@avp.international